Annual Awards of Excellence Dinner June 2010

Good Evening Ladies & Gentleman and welcome to our Annual Dinner celebrating the Awards of Excellence for 2010.


I would like to extend my very sincere gratitude to all of you who have taken the time and effort & money to invest in our Conference & Expo and I do hope that this event brings you every positive opportunity in your business. Additionally I would like to thank you also for your generosity in providing fantastically sponsored prizes for all our finalists and winners at this our annual event.  I am humbled to have the opportunity once again to stand before you and to thank you for your gracious support.


In so doing let me vocalise what it is we are celebrating tonight: "The setting of high expectations and striving for excellence."


Setting high expectations and striving for excellence are fundamental keys to success, growth and ultimately to a life worth living. They should be reclaimed from brochures and sales pamphlets and become imprinted into our hearts. We need to set the highest expectations for ourselves in everything we do. There is nothing we can undertake that we should not have these two ideals in mind. The difference is one between success & failure.

Common sense tells us that we are all pretty much equal. We have most of the same faculties.


We have wit( some more than others), intelligence, humour and curiosity. Our looks may distinguish us as do our personalities. Yet while we have our strengths & weaknesses some it seems will be destined for a successful life whilst others will end up settling for something less. For the latter, ask yourselves why this is the case? Will you be satisfied with what you have achieved and how you have achieved this?


The truth is our lives are not just a reflection of what happens to us. They are a reflection of what we make happen. If that is the case then clearly some people here will make very remarkable things happen indeed. The difference will not be luck, chance or anything else other than this. They will be the ones who set high expectations for themselves. They will be the ones who strove for excellence in everything they did.


An unusual and unexpected realisation often comes when we face our challenges. It is a discovery of true value. Last year as many of you would know I faced a very serious threat to my life BUT in spite of my very painful and obvious trauma, it led me to re-evaluate my life and how I had been living it. My challenge became my will to live and this in turn inspired me to build my strength and to redefine who I was…none of us can tell the future, nor do we know what is around the corner but one thing we do know is that we must engage with life if we are to reap its many rewards.


Success then should be a natural outcome of your new self. The thing that will distinguish you from the rest from now on will be the drive, determination and excellence. Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. You deserve it so don’t ever settle for anything less. But remember one thing that there is no point in becoming a millionaire if in the process you become selfish & mean to others. Remember the old saying that a really rich man is someone whose children run into his arms when they are empty.


Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope that I have shared some of my re-evaluated self with you tonight. And furthermore I wish to take this wonderful opportunity to congratulate all the entrants in the various categories in the APAA National Awards of Excellence –you are all winners in our eyes even though some of you may not win an award tonight. The mere challenge of entering an award in excellence already speaks volumes about your philosophy. You all have our deserved best wishes tonight.


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