The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia President's Profile

Anne-Marie Marynycz Ph.D

National President



Anne-Marie became involved in the Aesthetics Industry in 1994 when the company she worked for in Sydney closed the business premises and moved to Queensland. As the company had paid her salary for an entire year with the proviso that she could not work in the same field for a year she thought to change her career path and became involved in the Aesthetics industry.

1994 Beauty therapy qualifications

She completed her Beauty Therapy qualifications in 1994 at the Academy Of Advanced Beauty Therapy in Cremorne under the tutelage of Madame Maggie Rubie. Not only did she pass her Beauty Therapy subjects with 100% honours she also completed her International Therapy Examination Council Exams with Distinction (ITEC London) She then went on and completed her ITEC Beauty Therapy Teaching Diploma with Honours. In 2000 she then completed her international exams in CIDESCO.


Anne-Marie was offered a teaching position at the Academy of advanced Beauty Therapy in 1995 and went on to teach many students not only from that college but also another college in Sydney called About Face Academy. In 1998 she became the Principal of Natural Health & Beauty Colleges in Parramatta Sydney and engaged in teaching specialist subjects at the college as well as ensuring that the Teaching component of that college was fully compliant in all its requirements with the State Govt. In 2000 Anne-Marie joined the Association of Professional Aestheticians and became its National Education Office, a post that she has since held from then onwards.

2003/2004 Scientific skin evaluation and skin analysis

Anne-Marie wrote her Manual called Scientific Skin Evaluation and Skin Analysis. This manual was and is still used to teach anyone who has post grad qualifications in Beauty Therapy on how to scientifically analyse & determine accurately various skin types and /or skin condition. It is the only manual in Australia to have endorsements & recognition from the following :

  • Dr. Godfrey Wagner who was appointed by the College of Dermatology to review the Skin Evaluation & skin Analysis Document.
  • Cancer Council Australia. David Millechap from Queensland Cancer Council provided supporting literature to be included in this course as well as the State by State contact details.
  • Eczema Association of Australasia. Lynn Spoor supplied valuable literature and contact details to assist therapists gain greater awareness of the needs of eczema sufferers and the support network that is available to them.

The Australian Psoriasis Association

  • Lenore Voorderhake for providing information and contact details for the support of Psoriasis sufferers & their families.
  • NPS Medicines Lines. Mrs Treasure McGuire for providing the help line contact details to assist therapists and clients determine the safety of combining any medication in use with possible nutritional supplementation for the purpose of improving skin treatment results.
  • Currently a second edition of this Manual is being prepared that will greatly assist therapists and other Beauty Therapy students understand the complexities of Skin Types & Skin Conditions.

2006 elected national president

Anne-Marie was elected the National President of the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia. This is another role that comprises of Anne-Marie’s portfolio a position that she continues to manage to this day.

2007 Completed her second science degree

Anne-Marie completed her second Science degree from the University of New England in Armidale , NSW majoring in Anatomy & Physiology and Research Methods. She was also awarded the Dean’s Merit Prize for outstanding Academic performance at the University.


Additionally she became a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society that recognises its members for their outstanding scholarly achievements and is only available to the top 10% of all graduates in 375 universities in the world! Anne-Marie ‘s previous Science degree was obtained from Auckland University, New Zealand where she obtained majors in Psychology and Geography.


Under Anne-Marie’s guidance as the APAA’s National President and its National Education Office, as well as the then APAA Board of Directors , the APAA has grown to become the largest Beauty Therapy and the longest serving Beauty Therapy Association in Australia. During this period from November 2006 to present, the APAA sought and obtained THREE trademarks under its APAA umbrella.

The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia Trademarks

  • Australian Medical & Clinical Laser Professional AMCLP
  • Australasian Cosmetic Tattoo Professional ACTP
  • Australasian Nail Professional ANP

The The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia is justifiably proud to have these trademarks as the only Aesthetic Industry in Australia that has raised the Standards of Education for its members through Membership qualification via means of Academic Qualifications, Practical experience & Professional Insurance.

2007 Established chapters under these trademarks

Anne-Marie & then The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia Board of Directors established Chapters under these trademarks to utilise industry knowledge to provide further education for its members in these modalities. Anne-Marie took an additional role in becoming the coordinator for The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia Advisory Group to oversee the role of the Intense Pulse Light & Laser Therapies services in Australia.


During this period Anne-Marie overcame the challenges associated with being an Association that was providing a measure of industry standards in this particular modality where NONE is currently available. She continues in this role and liaises with various Government bodies to ensure that the Aestheticians of today are professionally qualified and have the underpinning knowledge and practical experience to provide these modalities to the industry.


Currently Anne-Marie also assists the Service Skills Council of Australia in its quest to review the National Beauty Training Package so that the industry produces skilled and knowledgeable therapists in the future.

In March 2011 Anne-Marie was approached to take part in an International Program called Women Igniting Change....She was one of the initial 31 women interviewed LIVE TO AIR to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day .These women shared their stories with everyone about sorrow and success; tragedy and triumph; desperation and determination....


This program and project supports women in micro business throughout India and South East Asia by Empowering women in developing countries to start, create and grow their own small business, employ local women and take control of their financial independence is vital for female equality, security and safety.


Notwithstanding her painful & traumatic illness which left Anne-Marie in hospital for over three months requiring several operations and the dramatic loss of her well being, she rose to the challenge again to take up her studies towards her goal of achieving a Doctorate in Science completing this Industry degree in July 2012.

2012 Guest speaker at the international spa, beauty & wellness expo in Malaysia

Anne-Marie was invited as a Guest Speaker at the International Spa, Beauty & Wellness Expo in Malaysia. As the only representative from Australia she was able to speak about the Value and need of having an Industry Association that regulates and monitors industry standards of Beauty Therapy Services in Australia.


In July of 2013 Anne-Marie was invited to provide Expert Industry opinion on a legal case in Australia that had dragged on for close to 7 years without a successful resolution. Fortunately this case has now been closed with an understanding agreement between both parties.

2013 Representing The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia at the industry experts forum in Sydney

Anne-Marie is representing The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia at the Industry Experts Forum at the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo held at Darling Harbour. The Aesthetics Industry in Australia has noted Anne-Marie as a leading example of a professional who signifies exemplary academic achievement together with industry experience who is shaping the Aesthetics Industry in Australasia by raising the standards of Education and empowering all who wish to follow her example through Education and qualified experience.


Anne-Marie continues to write scholarly articles as well as Aesthetics industry articles in not only the Australian Aesthetics Journal but also in Bella Beauty Magazine and Australian Cosmetic Surgery Magazine.


She presents at the Australasian Aesthetics Educational Conference & Expos and at other Educational Conferences & Seminars and she also continues to teach her Scientific Skin Evaluation & Skin Analysis courses both here in Australia as well as overseas. She is approachable and friendly and offers FREE advice to all those who ask for assistance in their work.


She can be contacted at the office on (07) 55759364